Earth Pak Dry Bag and Waterproof Phone Case

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  • TRANSPARENT: Clear material makes it easy for you to find your items. Roll the bag to find what you need, reach in and grab it! PLUS, spot leaks FASTER when you can see into the bag. Waterproof bag keeps your gear dry, safe, and secure.
  • DURABLE: Extra tough PVC material is resistant to abrasive use and cold weather activities. Single over-the-shoulder or cross-body strap makes carrying easy. INCLUDED waterproof smartphone case keeps your phone safe and dry.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND BUOYANT: Rugged waterproof material and welded seams seal air IN and moisture OUT. Close the top, fold it over, and snap the buckles together. Slightly more lightweight than our original dry bags.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: Our dry sack can also be used to wash your clothes or store water. Use the strap to hang the sack from trees, boats etc. Buckles form a handle when bag is sealed, making it easier to move. Best when hiking, camping, boating, skiing, trekking, and kayaking.
  • COMPACT: Folds down and packs tight for all your travel adventures. Excellent travel gear that fits carry-on restrictions and holds up to unpredictable weather and situations. Makes a great gift for the outdoors lover.

Earth Pak has done it again with its newest product the Transparent Dry Bag, which combines its Original Dry Bag technology with transparent colors so you can see your stuff at a glance andspot leaks faster. Lightweight and rugged PVC material is resistant to punctures and 100% waterproof. The pouches are proven to be the best solution for keeping your outdoor gear dry andsecure. Waterproof sacks can be fully submersed in water, and if you drop the bag in the water while kayaking, boating, or fishing, it floats on top of the water. Keep your belongings from getting soaked in bad weather or cold weather conditions while hiking, skiing, trekking,camping, sailing, surfing, or hunting. Sling it over your shoulder and protect your gear from the elements. Earth Pak’s waterproof dry bags are excellent survival gear as well. Use it to wash your clothes, or store and carry water. Turn the bag upside down and hang to dry. Dry bags are among the best accessories you can have for travel gear. They fit carry-on restrictions and are easy to store under the seat. Great for keeping your camera gear safe and dry, and especially good at keeping sand out of your belongings.

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