10-IN-1 Survival Kit, Emergency Outdoor Multi Tools

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  • CONTENTS - Tactical Pen, Flashlight, Whistle, Emergency Blanket, Key Chain Flashlight, Fishing Kit, Pocket Saw, Multi-Function Rescue Card, Fire Striker, 5-in-1 Para-cord Bracelet with built in Compass/Whistle/Fire Striker.
  • ALWAYS BE PREPARED - Be ready when a disaster strikes. You never know when something could happen. Be the hero and prepare yourself today.
  • COMPACT - Small enough to keep in a bug-out-bag, glove compartment, a drawer in your home, a compartment on your boat or in an office desk.
  • HARD CASE - Water Proof hard case can stand up to just about anything. Throw it in your bug-out-bag and it will be there when you need it.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - At Survival USA Pro we stand by our products. We are a small family owned business located in the USA. Our goal is to bring you quality products and make sure you are completely happy with your purchase.

◘ 10-IN-1 Survival Kit, Emergency Outdoor Multi Professional Tools for Camping, Hiking, Biking, Climbing, Hunting, Wilderness Adventure and Disaster Preparedness + Fishing Kit, Tactical Pen, Flashlight.
◘ Always be prepared with the 5-in-1 Emergency Paracord Braclet which includes the paracord, compass, whistle and fire striker.
◘ Tactical Pen included is the number one best selling tactical pen on . Break window glass with little to no effort.
◘ Always have food in a emergency situation with the fishing kit. With it you get a lure, 3 hooks and fishing line.
◘ Rescue card is an 11-in-1 multi-tool. Some features include a can opener, knife edge, wrench, saw blade and a screw driver.
◘ Flashlight is bright and has a low beam, high beam and strobe function. Never be in the dark again.
◘ Pocket Saw can easily cut through a tree of 2 inch diameter with little to no effort.
◘ Fire Striker is large in size which means it will last you a very long time before you can use it all up. Start a fire to stay warm or have a hot meal.
◘ Have peace of mind knowing that you will be ready for anything with this Survival Kit by Survival USA Pro.
◘ 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Survival USA Pro is a family owned business located in the USA. We are dedicated to making sure you have the very best, practical products that will be there for you when you need them.

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